At Sewanee, you’ll find 13,000 acres of opportunity at your fingertips. You will have opportunities to observe, 成长, 保存, 测量, 管理, and restore the many natural resources of this living laboratory that we call the Domain. 你的林地教室等着你.

领域知识:研究 & 该领域的课程

火蜥蜴 & 气候变化

Assistant Professor of Biology Kristen Cecala and her students are answering questions about how animal species might respond to climate change, 一次一只火蜥蜴.


域 is known for expansive forests, remote caves, and sprawling bluff views. It boasts all of these things—but the Domain 3D project is interested in something that’s been, 直到现在, inaccessible: what’s under our feet. 在博悦平台入口的脚下.


Scientists from around the Southeast descend on Sewanee to survey bat populations and get a look at the kind of ecological research being conducted on the Domain.


与教师和OESS合作, students spent their summer working on 实地研究 projects trapping, 测量, 调查老鼠的栖息地, 蝙蝠, 火蜥蜴, 和海龟.


域 contains a highly diverse prehistoric and historic record of human land use. Field experiences include prehistoric rock shelter and historic house excavations. Past excavations have recovered evidence of plants, animal bone fragments and tools.


Students and professors in a variety of disciplines take advantage of Sewanee’s local ecology to engage in water and water-systems research that is as deep as it is wide.

“The important thing to remember is that we are at the top of the watershed,肯·史密斯说, 院长助理 环境项目. “That means our drinking water is about as clean as you can get, and also that we can 测量 what we do to that water at the municipal scale and get insights that researchers in other areas cannot. What happens here matters here, but it also matters elsewhere. We are starting to understand that better every day.”

Several years ago, Smith, along with colleagues Karen Kuers and Martin Knoll, put together a 流域科学证书, which now also involves Assistant Professor Keri Watson, and Biehl Professor in Biology Deborah McGrath. Along with Amy Turner, director of the Office of Environmental 管理 and 可持续性, 化学专业的Rob Bachman, 还有几个生物学的同事, Sewanee professors and their students are exploiting the local ecology to produce an ever more robust understanding of the fate of water.



Students take you on a video tour of their forestry lab as they take part in the 管理ment of Sewanee's Forest. 哦,还有真的着火了. 大量(受控的)火.


农业大学 explores an experimental aquaponics system to 成长 vegetables and save water on and beyond the Domain.

2016年的秋天, Sewanee found itself in the clutches of one of the worst droughts the region had ever seen. 由美国政府分类.S. Drought Monitor as severe, the drought meant that soils at the 大学农场 因缺雨而受苦. “I was running my irrigation water all the time, just trying to keep plants that are in the field alive,” says 大学农场 Manager Carolyn Hoagland.

Fortunately, there was already a solution in the works. Hoagland had experimented with aquaponics for 环境可持续性 at the farm before the drought arrived. 现在, a little more than a year after the drought, the system has been refined in ways that could extend its use well beyond the Domain. 这个项目, already involving Sewanee students and faculty members, stands to expand to surrounding counties, particularly to farmers looking for a greener alternative to traditional farming.



"If you're a student who is interested in being outside and studying the natural world and being able to do that at any time, 西沃尼是你的归宿."

域: An Immersive Experience